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When the time arrives --- whether anticipated or unexpected --- we want the best possible senior health-care or assisted living and retirement services for ourselves or for a loved one. At such a juncture, it is comforting to know that a full array of high-quality services for seniors is available from a single network of providers whose firm commitment to the highest standards of excellence is the keystone of its mission.

In central and eastern Massachusetts, that exclusive source is the Aurum Network, an incorporated group of independently owned, community-based providers of a broad continuum of senior-care services --- ranging from skilled nursing, rehabilitation and adult day health, to home health care, assisted living, retirement and specialty services, including multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s and hospice care.

Established in 1997, the Aurum Network was founded by a group of innovative executives who are recognized leaders with longstanding reputations in the senior-care industry. The network’s mission is inspired by the meaning of the Latin word, aurum (“gold”), in its own name. Every aspect of its operations and its services is built on a gold standard of uncompromising dedication to health-care excellence.

The Aurum Network is a cooperative alliance in which the provider members utilize and share their technical expertise, leadership skills, best practices and problem-solving experiences in order to advance the network’s gold standard of care and consistently improve the services they present to consumers.

Membership in the network is limited to a special group of providers who continually strive to maintain and even exceed the Aurum standard of excellence in the senior-care services they offer. All Aurum members are recognized leaders and industry standard-setters, and they are driven by the network’s unmatched commitment to quality, responsiveness and value in short- or long-term care and services.

We welcome your inquiry and the opportunity to be of service to you.

Aurum Network Executive Leadership

The Aurum Network Leadership Group includes:

Richard Bane
BaneCare Management
Chairman- Aurum Network
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Kathryn Melendy
CEO, The Aurum Network
Paul Casale
Vice President and Treasurer
Welch Healthcare & Retirement Group
Treasurer- Aurum Network
Peter Gordon
Gordon Healthcare Management Group
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Matt Salmon
Chief Executive Officer
Salmon Health and Retirement
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Member leaders

Bill Bogdanovich, President and CEO of Broad Reach Healthcare and Liberty Commons.


Aurum Network Members

The Aurum Network Members include:

Alliance Health and Human Services
  • Alliance Healthcare Center at Braintree
  • Alliance Health of Massachusetts, Inc.
    • Abbott House
    • Devereux House
    • Rosewood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Alliance Health of Quincy, Inc.
    • Marina Bay Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Alliance Health of Brockton, Inc.
    • West Acres Rehab & Nursing Center
  • Allerton House Assisted Living at Central Park, Weymouth
  • Allerton House Assisted Living at The Village at Duxbury
  • Allerton House Assisted Living at Hancock Park in Quincy
  • Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham
  • Allerton House at Proprietors Green in Marshfield
  • Bay Path Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Duxbury
  • The Bostonian
  • Brighton House Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
  • Colonial Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Weymouth
  • Hancock Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Quincy
  • Harbor House Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Hingham
  • John Scott House Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Braintree
  • The Village at Duxbury Retirement Community
  • Village at Proprietors Green Senior Living Community in Marshfield
  • Owned by Alliance Health and Human Services and Managed by BaneCare Management Group, LLC.
    • Abbott House
    • Rosewood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    • Devereux House
Broad Reach
  • Liberty Commons Rehab & Skilled Care Center
  • The Victorian Assisted Living Residence
  • Broad Reach Outpatient Rehab Clinic
  • Broad Reach Hospice & Palliative Care
Chelsea Jewish Foundation
  • Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home
  • Leonard Florence Center for Living
  • Cohen Florence Levine Estates
  • Florence-Chafetz Home for Specialized Care
  • Manuel R. Grell Home Care
  • Dr. Matthew S. Shwartz Hospice
  • Gilda & Bob Richman Personal Care Agency
  • Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Center for the Living
  • Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates
  • Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Health Care
Gordon HealthCare Management
  • Alden Court Nursing Care and Rehab Center
Maplewood Senior Living
  • Maplewood at Brewster
  • Mayflower Place Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center
  • Mayflower Place Continuing Care and Retirement Community
  • Norumbega Point at Weston
SALMON Health and Retirement
  • Beaumont Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center at Natick
  • Beaumont Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing at Northborough
  • Beaumont Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center at Northbridge
  • Beaumont Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center at Westborough
  • Beaumont Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center at Worcester
  • Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Natick
  • Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Northborough
  • Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Northbridge
  • Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Westborough
  • Whitney Suites at Westborough
  • Willows at Westborough
  • Willows at Worcester
  • Salmon VNA & Hospice
  • Whitney Place Adult Day Health Center at Natick
  • Whitney Place Adult Day Health Center at Northbridge
Windsor Place of Wilmington
Welch Healthcare & Retirement Group
  • Providence House Assisted Living in Brighton
  • Welch Home Care Services
Daggett- Crandall- Newcomb Residential Community

Consider Employment Opportunities at an Aurum member facility

Aurum facilities are among the best in New England. Our full continuum of care has positions in skilled nursing care centers, home health care, adult day care, assisted living, and retirement communities. They offer excellent benefits, opportunities for growth and a supportive and caring working environment.

Click here for more information about jobs at Aurum facilities.